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  • flights of fancy sky blue handcrafted jewelry hair band

    Flights of Fancy Hair Band


    Hummingbirds have always fascinated me.

    They are so tiny, yet sassy, resilient and so fun to watch.

    Truly, God was having a little play time when He made hummingbirds.

    Available in Cobalt, Pink, Sky Blue, and Multicolor

  • brilliance bridal hair band handcrafted

    Brilliance Bridal Hair Band


    This gorgeous headpiece will be photographed beautifully and be fabulous worn alone or included with a veil. Dance the night away with a bridal piece that you will enjoy and maybe one day pass down.


  • elegant elephant hair band handmade jewelry

    Elegant Elephant Hair Band


    This is SO pretty!!!!!

    The smaller elephant pin that I created this hair band with is a beautiful antique gold tone which enhances his tusks, black almond shaped eyes and the amber rhinestones encased in his ears are perfectly placed.

  • flower goldenrod hair band handmade jewelry

    Delicate Goldenrod Hair Band


    Simple and sweet double goldenrod flowers.

    Classically casual piece that will enhance and outfit.

    Bead enhancement accents with the simplistic colors.

  • sea turtle hair band handmade jewelry

    Turtle Time Hair Band


    I grew up in the Florida Keys, and I guess you could say turtles are my spirit animal..slow and chilled. Haha.

    This former pin that I turned into a hair band has two different green tones faceted rhinestones on its shell with a reddish/pink tiny sparkles encircling the green. The silver tone and accented beads make it all pop!!!

  • shell ocean hair band handmade jewelry

    Hiding in the Reef Hair Band


    If you love black and white..boy, have I got a hair band for you!!

    This piece that I created from a pendant is a perfect size white scallop shell surrounded by black coral trimmed in gold and accented with 3 different size pearl beads.

    Fabulous worn with black or white or even a pop of ANY color!!!!

    Just have fun with it!!!

  • victorian bow hair band handmade jewelry

    Victorian Bow Hair Band


    Classic, yet contemporary antique gold tone brooch that I disassembled and created into a beautiful hair band. The red, green and dark teal inset rhinestones make this a very sweet hair band.

    I wore it wearing a black sweater and was thrilled with the compliments it brought.

  • bees hair band jewelry handmade

    Buzz Buzz goes the Bees Hair Band


    So fun..Mama and her baby bee!!!

    Love the gold tone double bee family trimmed with black and tiny crystal rhinestones, then enhanced with beading to complete the hair band.


  • sunflower flower hair band handmade jewelry beads

    Sunny Sunflower Hair Band


    How fun and boho will you be wearing this precious little sunflower accented with my beading technique.

    These cuties are a fan favorite and best seller at my shows.

    Simple and Happy!!!

  • daily flower hair band handmade custom bohemian

    Everyone loves a Daisy Hair Band


    How fun and boho will you be wearing this precious little daisy accented with my beading technique.

    These cuties are a fan favorite and best seller at my shows.

    Simple and Happy!!!

  • music hair band handmade jewelry gold

    Let the Music Play Hair Band


    A best seller at my shows.

    These cute hair bands have a rhinestone treble clef and a rhinestone for the musical notes and enhanced with accented beading.

    Great teacher gift item or for the musician in your life. Get your choice of gold or silver!

  • elegant pink gold toned hair band homemade jewelry

    Ballerina Hair Band


    I LOVE PINK!!!!!

    The soft pink rhinestones and crystals in this former broach reminded me of my ballet recitals when I was a girl, hence the name.

    The accent of soft green and lime colored sparkles in the leaves complements the pink so beautifully.

    It’s one of my favorites. I think it will be yours too.

  • peacock gold tone hair band handmade jewelry

    Peacock Plumage Hair Band


    This gold toned fully plumed peacock with blue, turquoise and aqua rhinestones is absolutely stunning!!!!

    I repurposed a coat brooch to create this unique piece of hair art.

    It’s glamorous enough for evening wear and it’s also subdued enough for a casual outfit.

  • enchantment hair band handmade jewelry mystical

    Enchantment Hair Band


    Let your magical imagination take flight with this beautiful unicorn hair band that I repurposed from a very sparkly pendant.

    The accented beading compliments and completes the piece.

    Fun and fabulous for any age!!!

  • Sale! hair band handmade jewelry cinderella carriage

    Late For The Ball Hair Band

    Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $44.00.

    Admit it..we all have our inner Princess that we like to showcase sometimes.

    I created this special pumpkin carriage from a large broach in homage to one of my favorite and timeless stories.

    The enhancement of the beading completes this unique hair art.

    It’s amazing.


  • bridal collection hair band handmade jewelry custom

    Elegant Wonder Bridal Hair Band


    Veil or no veil or a gorgeous hair embellishment to wear at your reception while you dance the night away,

    this amazing piece photographs beautifully and will be a treasured momento from the most special day of your life.

  • custom handmade hair band jewelry

    Grandeur Hair Band


    Without a doubt, this is a special piece.

    If you like bling..this hair band needs to be in your collection.

    The amber brown and milky blue tones make this hair art truly eye catching.

    Whatever your hair color or will be stunning!!!!

  • full bloom flower hair band handmade custom jewelry

    Full Bloom Hair Band


    If you love sunflowers, this is the hair band for you!!!

    This is a stunning former brooch with vibrant colors will add sparkle and a smile to anyone’s day.

    I carefully chose accent beads to complete the design of this unique hair band.

  • Nana’s Garden Hair Band


    Truly beautiful hair band created and handcrafted from a former brooch. I love the pink with aqua rhinestone setting.

    Wonderful hair piece for dressy or casual wear.

  • Sale! apple of my eye hair band handmade jewelry

    Apple Of My Eye Hair Band

    Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $36.00.

    Tri-colored Apple brooch repurposed into a beautiful and decorative piece of hair art accented with color coordinated bead embellishments.